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Subaru Repair Services and Maintenance in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Parts Plus Service is located in Brooklyn and our team of well-trained service technicians is ready to handle any problems your Subaru vehicle may encounter. Our staff is dedicated to the Subaru brand and our technicians are highly trained to resolve any repair or maintenance problems you may face with your Subaru.

Subaru is a Japanese automaker that is best known for their all-wheel-drive vehicles. Subaru set the standard in the marketplace for engine and transmission performance that can handle the wear and tear of daily driving in even the most mountainous regions. The company produces a variety of vehicles and competes in motorsports events around the world.

With regular maintenance it is likely that your Subaru will not need auto repairs for many years. But in the event of a breakdown our Subaru auto repair technicians are prepared to handle whatever problems your Subaru may have.

Brooklyn Parts Plus Service Pro Mechanics for Japanese cars, SUVs, and trucks

At Brooklyn Parts Plus Service, our staff of well-trained Subaru service technicians is ready to service your Subaru vehicle. Brooklyn Parts Plus Service prides itself on providing affordable and efficient repairs that are of high quality. Give us a call at 517-592-3749 or stop by our service center at 10412 N Main, Brooklyn, MI, 49230. Our friendly and knowledgeable pro mechanics are ready to help you!


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